It's Da Ting To Do!

On Staniel Cay we think we are the reason for Instagram. With sapphire-blue water everywhere, The Exumas are an exotic collection of dream destinations. Footprint-free beaches, ultraexclusive resorts and islands fit for celebrities make this tropical paradise an absolute gem. Here, nature outnumbers man, coastlines remain flawless and private homes play host to some of the world’s most famous stars. The Exumas truly are the ultimate escape.

Visit Staniel Cay in the Exuma Bahamas and have an adventure you will share for years to come!

Staniel Cay Adventures

It's Da Ting To Do!

Staniel Cay Adventures provides exciting tours of the Exuma Cays with a local Staniel Cay captain. Our professional licensed tour guides will show you around the beautiful Exuma Cays for the half day, full day or several days.

We offer many types of adventures including sightseeing to the original and now famous Staniel Cay swimming pigs. Swim with the sharks at Compass Cay, hand-feeding turtles at Farmers Cay, and snorkeling on a old drug plane & natural aquarium in the land and sea park. Visit a blowhole, jump into Nature’s Bubble Bath, walk on a mile-long sandbar and visit an island that only Iguanas inhabit. Snorkeling is a must at Thunderball Grotto which was the scene of a James Bond 007 movie. Located just west of Staniel Cay, this fantastic underwater cave system is great for snorkeling, diving, and wading. It is teeming with exotic marine life and a kaleidoscope of brilliantly colored coral reefs and fish, like yellow-tail snappers, Angel fish, Sergeant Majors and the like. The grotto’s mystique is heightened by the small, almost hidden entrance. It is advised to enter at ebb tide (low or slack tide) and snorkeling equipment is optional.We haven’t even started to share all the memory making adventures available to you in the Exuma Cays.

Want to Scuba Dive around Staniel Cay?

As a boutique scuba diving experience, we cater to small group of six people or less and focus on personal attention, comfort, safety and environmental responsibility. We have a luxury boat and keep our service very personal. Join Cameron Siewruk a PADI Dive Instructor for a dive or two in crystal clear water. Not certified? No problem! Take our Discover Scuba Class for ages 10 years and up.

Want to head out fishing around Staniel Cay?

Try conch diving, bone fishing, spearfishing, deep sea fishing, reef fishing or traditional Bahamian-style hand line fishing. We have all the gear to get you catching the fish for dinner.

Staniel Cay Adventures…It’s Da Ting To Do!

Staniel Cay Adventures
It's Da Ting To Do!

Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

In the middle of paradise, with billionaires and celebrities for neighbors, is an island populated only by swimming pigs. For decades, this archipelago of 365 islands would remain largely unknown to the world. It would not be a ruthless pirate, pioneering loyalists, a notorious drug kingpin, or the infamous Fyre Festival that would unveil Exuma to the world, but rather the most unlikely of creatures. Appearing in magazines, videos, newspapers, commercials, TV shows, and countless selfies, the Swimming Pigs of Exuma, in the Bahamas, have become a bucket-list sensation and have been named one of the marvels of the universe.

Staniel Cay, Exuma Offers Lots of Adventures

The locals at Big Major’s “Pig Beach” are transplants rather than native islanders, just like many of the people you’ll meet in the area. And though they’ve clearly taken to their tropical digs and rising popularity — spurred in part by a dramatic appearance on “The Bachelor” and more than a few well-liked Instagram posts — the rewards of fame are free food. Most tours to the island start at 9 a.m. It’s best to go early in the morning for the most uninterrupted attention from the pigs. By late afternoon, you’ll usually find them tuckered out with full bellies, and they’re more likely to lounge in the sand than to paddle through the water with you.

Explore the beautiful waters while scuba diving on Staniel Cay Exuma, Bahamas. Staniel Cay Adventures is located on Staniel Cay which lies approximately 75 miles south of Nassau and 250 miles southeast of Florida. The island is less than 2 square miles in area and is home to about 80 full-time residents.

As a boutique scuba diving experience, we cater to a small group of six people or less and focus on personal attention, comfort, safety and environmental responsibility. We have a luxury boat and keep our service very personal.

  • Tailor-Made Service: Staniel Cay Adventures considers the needs of their guests in terms of dive sites, desired marine creatures and food menus. This flexibility is a cornerstone of the boutique dive experience. This is to ensure that each and every guest feels pampered and cared for throughout the journey.


  • Attention to Detail: From post-dive snacks to fluffy towels, no detail goes unnoticed, leaving divers with nothing to worry about.


  • A Low Ratio of Dive Master to Divers: On these dives, our dive masters are only responsible for 2 to 6 people, ensuring safe and quality scuba diving.


  • A Full-Service Dive Routine: Our Diver Master sets up your equipment and disassemble equipment . In between, the crew takes all responsibility for washing and changing tanks. There’s no need to do even the slightest bit of work!

Staniel Cay, Exuma Bahamas