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  • Scuba Lessons Year Round On Staniel Cay

    Bahamas Scuba Diving Lessons Year Round Staniel Cay Adventures offers scuba diving lessons year round! Staniel Cay Adventures dive services is now operating as a full time scuba shop and PADI scuba diving school on Staniel Cay . Our goal is to provide a scuba experience of unprecedented quality and service, along with arming diver’s [...]
  • Travel To Staniel Cay

    Travel To Staniel Cay THE BEST WAY TO FLY TO STANIEL CAY The best way to travel to Staniel Cay is via Makers Air  which propels the experience of flight by bringing back what it means to fly – the romance of abandon and discovery. The togetherness of family, of the great escape, of time, […]

  • Stay at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club

    [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”46″ gal_title=”Staniel Cay Yacht Club Gallery”] Stay at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club The Yacht Club has been an established part of the Staniel Cay community since 1956. Today there are 14 charming bungalows, an 18-slip marina, a 3,000-foot airstrip and a clubhouse with a wonderful restaurant and casual island bar. Home of Thunderball […]

  • Discover Scuba Diving on Staniel Cay

    Discover Scuba Diving on Staniel Cay   Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you. Our PADI dive shop offers this program off  one of our incredible beaches […]

  • Best experience to swim with pigs, sharks, turtles and feed iguanas

    Swimming Pigs &  Tours Around Staniel Cay Swim With Pigs: In the middle of paradise, with billionaires and celebrities for neighbors, is an island populated only by swimming pigs. For decades, this archipelago of 365 islands would remain largely unknown to the world. It would not be a ruthless pirate, pioneering loyalists, a notorious drug [...]
  • Thunderball Grotto/James Bond Movie Staniel Cay

    This Incredible Underwater Cave Starred in Not One, But Two James Bond Movies Retrace 007’s swim-finned steps with an unforgettable excursion to this famous turquoise grotto. Cue the martinis, bombshells in bikinis, and MI6 secret weapons. Thunderball Grotto, an underwater cave that’s been featured in two James Bond movies, also happens to be one of […]

  • Visit The Staniel Cay Yacht Club

    Visit The Staniel Cay Yacht Club   EXPLORE STANIEL CAY PARADISE The Staniel Cay Yacht Club offers the perfect getaway for anyone seeking a comfortable, casual vacation on a remote, tranquil island. A boutique resort with 13 intimate bungalows, one villa, and a full-service marina, it is set on a charming small island surrounded by […]

  • Scuba Diving

    Staniel Cay Scuba Diving   Staniel Cay scuba diving has to be imagined, the turquoise colored water as one leisurely cruise beneath the surface in virtually a wonderland of vibrant colors and marine miscellany. Staniel Cay scuba diving is one of the most excellent diving areas in the world; in fact, it is known as […]

  • Staniel Cay

    Staniel Cay is an island located in The Exuma Cays, a district of The Bahamas. Staniel Cay is located roughly 120 km (75 mi) south of Nassau and 400 km (250 mi) southeast of Florida. The island has a population of less than 118 full-time residents[1] and has an area of less than 5 km2 (2 sq mi). Staniel Cay is inhabited […]