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Staniel Cay Scuba Diving


Staniel Cay Scuba DivingStaniel Cay scuba diving has to be imagined, the turquoise colored water as one leisurely cruise beneath the surface in virtually a wonderland of vibrant colors and marine miscellany. Staniel Cay scuba diving is one of the most excellent diving areas in the world; in fact, it is known as one of the best scuba diving  and snorkeling destinations all over the globe.

Staniel Cay scuba diving is as varied as the many islands of the Bahamas itself. From the stunning Abacos Bahamas to the breathtaking Exuma, one can find never-ending scuba diving destinations which are constantly awe-inspiring. Staniel Cay scuba diving offers fantastic reefs found around most of the Exuma anchorages, with over a hundred documented shipwrecks. Scuba diving in the Staniel Cay also provides a well-known visibility, as one dive from twenty to a hundred and twenty feet. The Bahamas islands also offer countless operators and dive resorts that cater to the most popular activities in the Bahamas.

Some of the top pick for other Caribbean scuba diving sites include:
Bonaire has highly accessible reefs surrounding it that is unspoiled from pollution or poaching, where the island’s diving industry is environmentally conscious and ensures that these reefs will remain unharmed. The island is an underwater mountain created from volcanic eruptions with edging reefs off the beach of each hotel on any part of the island.

Virgin Gorda
This Caribbean scuba diving site is home to the famed wreck of the HMS Rhone off Salt Island, and many divers plan their whole vacation around discovering and adventuring this royal mainstream that went down in 1867. This site is also the most celebrated in the Caribbean.

Grand Cayman
This world-class Caribbean scuba diving destination, facets thirty-four dive operators and a full range of professional diving services on hand including equipment rentals, repairs, and sales; underwater photography; video schools; and scuba diving instructions at all levels.

Saba brags with some of the Caribbean’s richest marine life, and is one of the foremost Caribbean scuba diving locations, with thirty-eight official diving sites. The unique setting of underwater features include black sand, lava flows, millions of fish, large strands of black coral, and underwater mountaintops sunken under twenty-seven meters of water.

Turks and Caicos Islands
The rich variety of fairly unexplored underwater sites that islands offer includes sea lanes where boaters and divers frequently see whales during April. The place also facets a collection of underwater wrecks such as Endymion, which sank in 1790 during a storm; it also features numerous kinds of multicolored marine life. Experienced divers enjoy the many miles of “drop-off” diving just right off Grand Turk, where the sea walls dramatically drop into the unexplored depths of blue holes more than two-thousand one hundred meters below sea level. Divers witness colonies of black coral, purple sponges, stunning gorgonian, thousands of fish, and endless forms of corals, as one descends.

Staniel Cay scuba diving is like discovering a whole new underwater world that can become incredibly addicting as well as amazingly satisfying.


Staniel Cay Scuba Diving, It’s Da Ting To Do!

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