Staniel Cay: Sunken Drug Plane

Staniel Cay Area: Sunken Drug Plane

Staniel Cay Exuma BahamasStaniel Cay Exuma might be a laid-back beach community known for it’s swimming pigs, but  the Exuma chain has a past rooted in piracy and drug smuggling. Back in the 70’s the Medellin Cartel used Norman’s Cay as a drug smuggling base where planes would take off full of cocaine into the US. One of the few remnants of this seedy past is a plane wreck that lies in shallow waters just off the cay perfect for snorkeling exploration. The famous Staniel Cay Plane Wreck is one of the most accessible in the world because of its location in shallow sea water. The wreck happened just a half of a mile away from the busy Staniel Cay Yacht Club.  To make this snorkeling even more appealing, the crash site offers many species of coral and fish have built habitats around the Staniel Cay plane wreck as is what often happens on and around sites of wrecks under the sea.


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