Da Bahamian Experience


“Dis we culture” Local knowledge is the best knowledge. Join us as we show you how we do it Bahamian style. You, your captain and your mate will use Bahamian techniques of hand line fishing, spearfishing and rod fishing to catch, your fish for the day. Also we will try to free dive for Conch so that we can prepare the Bahamian style ceviche AKA “Conch Salad”. We will clean the fish with or for you and prepare them with traditional Bahamian spices to finish them off over the old style Bahamian beach grill on a white sandy beach. You will be able to enjoy beach games as well as water towables including tubes and kneeboards. We will provide ice cold beverages of your choice on the beach as you enjoy some traditional Bahamian music.

This whole experience is what The Bahamas is all about! You will truly feel like a local after taking part in this once in a lifetime experience. Also take what you learn and then go do it yourself and show your friends because you will truly be able to show them a unique experience!


Activities Include: Spear fishing, Conch diving, A Seafood grill out, Conch salad mixing, A Pristine beach picnic, Transcend Music, Beach and Water Games, and Water toys (Tubing, and/or knee boarding).