Pigs Beach

  • The Discoverer: Staniel Cay

    In The News With The Discoverer A Modern Travel Guide The Discoverer transports you to far-off destinations directly from your inbox. Start your week happier, smarter, and more worldly with our wanderlust-inducing travel inspiration.   Turquoise water laps at white sand beaches across the 700+ islands of the Bahamas. Year-round sunshine soaks into the souls [...]
  • Swimming Pigs on Pig Beach

    Click the link below to download The Swimming Pigs on Pigs Beach Coloring Page Download The Original Swimming Pig Coloring Page 2 SCA Meet World famous Oliver The Swimming Pig. Does he look like an Oliver to you? Looking for another swimming pigs coloring page? Click Here. Big Major’s Spot (Pig Beach) The Swimming Pigs [...]
  • Pigs Beach

    Pigs Beach   The Original Swimming Pigs Tour Visit Pigs Beach on Big Majors near Staniel Cay! Pigs can’t fly but they sure can swim; join us as we embark on this magical Swimming Pigs Tour adventure! Swim with friendly sharks at compass cay, feed the swimming pigs and get a close look at the […]